Would you eat Veg in a cake?

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Since giving up teaching, I have been developing a small business making cakes. It has been an interesting journey, and one with a very steep learning curve. I know that I have a good idea and a good cake, the problem is in convincing other people!

Not everybody wants their cakes to contain vegetables. Those who are willing to try really like them and comment on the lightness and flavour of the cakes and that you really don’t know that they are eating vegetables, but the off-putting thing for these people is the vegetable content.

There are loads of people out there who are not willing to try, and this leads me to feel quite sad to think of all of those amazing foods out there that they are missing out on. What is it about vegetables that puts people off so much? I have had students who have made the most amazing Stir Fry dishes, and really enjoyed making them, and then when asked to say what they liked when they tasted it said that they didn’t because they don’t like vegetables!!

There is a school of thought that says that if you can encourage young people to be involved in the making of healthy food, they will be more likely to eat it. I actually agree with this, and I might return to this in future posts, but there are exceptions to every rule.

The same class when asked how many had eaten their 5-a-day often only managed 2 or 3 portions which has been shown to be more likely among the general population.

Now I know that it takes more effort to eat fruit and vegetable in biting, chewing and even preparation – all that peeling and chopping! Much easier to eat a bag of chips or cake! It is so easy to include your 5-a-day; a glass of fruit juice can count, though only one is recommended because to the fruit acid effect on teeth, putting salad in a sandwich, including a vegetable-based sauce with pasta. There are even rumours that in America, pizza is a vegetable!! It can count towards one of the 5-a-day. But, if you think about that, if there is enough of a decent tomato sauce on the base and then some extra vegetables on the top, then it could be counted. You could even eat one of my Garden Treat cakes!

So, back to the beginning. Be open to trying new foods. I am not suggesting that you fill up with new foods, just maybe trying small portions of new things with familiar foods. Your palate changes as you grow older and you never know, you might like things that you used to find less than tasty. Just think how much less boring eating could be not to mention how much healthier you could be.

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