Why Garden Treats?

Hi again

I often get asked why I have chosen to design and bake a range of healthy treats.

Ginger and Parsnip Cake - could you tell?

Well, we all know about the 5-a-day thing to do with Fruit and Vegetables. As a mum, and someone with a sweet tooth, I wanted to find ways that I could still enjoy cake with a clearer conscience!

My cakes below all include locally grown and sourced vegetables, which adds natural sweetness and unexpected moisture to this selection of delicious cakes and also lowers the sugar content and adds some fibre to help with the healthy twist.

Most people who have tasted these cakes (including my daughters!) have no idea they contain vegetables - I have tried them out on some very cynical testers and the response has always been great!

So go ahead - be brave, have a look at the Little Treats page. You might just discover your new favourite cake, and started enjoying being healthy!

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