The 5 minute Brownies

Hello again,

Have you ever thought “I could really do with some Chocolate cake”? Well it is nearly Christmas!

The trouble is that you either have to go to the supermarket to get one, which involves effort, you have to make one, which involves checking that you have the ingredients, finding a recipe, making it, then waiting for it to bake and cool down, by which time, you have lost the will to live! And you still have the washing up to do!

Well worry no longer. My eldest daughter used to call this ‘5-minute Brownies’ and it was her go-to recipe for comfort food at uni. The smell is amazing as it cooks, and you will probably not be surprised that many friends found their way into the kitchen – any excuse not to study!!

The reason for this appearance now is that I made a chocolate fudge cake recently. This is another amazing cake from a recipe that has its roots in history – those who did GCSE Food with me will know the one – it was their reward for completing their coursework on time! The trouble was that I wasn’t happy with the cake this time. It was good but not as good as it could be. (I hate thinking that people are going to be eating something that I would not be happy other people knowing that it came from me). But I didn’t have the time or enough ingredients to make another one. See dilemma above!

In the middle of the night, I had a brainwave – as you do - and remembered this recipe – incredibly quick and easy and I could make it while waiting for my husband to have his shower. I did wonder about including this in the blog, because I thought that there are too many places on the internet where you can get recipes, but then again, this one is quite special and worth sharing.

Children also love this recipe because it only uses one bowl and a spoon, so very little washing up and they don’t have to wait too long to eat it. It cooks in the microwave oven so heat and hot pans are less of an issue and safer for children (yes, the microwave can be used to do more than cook vegetables and porridge, and re-heat cups of cold coffee). And it is delicious.

So. The recipe.

1. Put 100g butter and 100g chocolate into a bowl and microwave for 1 ½ mins.

2. Add 100g sugar, 100g S.R. flour and 1 tsp. cocoa powder and 2 eggs and beat till smooth.

3. Pour into a plastic food storage box and cook in the microwave oven for 3 ½ mins.

4. Leave to cool and for the moistness on the top to dry out. Cut into squares. Enjoy.

I did say it was easy!!

You can melt some white chocolate and drizzle it over the top if you want to make it a bit more special.

Enjoy. Let me know how you get on

Till next time

Food Lady

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