Who is the Food Lady?

Let me introduce myself, I'm Cheryl - a wife and mother of three daughters. I have taught Food and Nutrition for over 25 years and I believe very strongly in the power of food to do good for both Health and Well-Being.

I have been following food trends and teaching about the benefits of eating well for a long time and I hope that the cakes in all my different Little Treats ranges will reflect both the ideas I have discovered along the way, and my passion for good food from great ingredients.

Why Little Treats?

I love baking, and I love it even more when people enjoy my treats. I have been experimenting with different recipes and ideas for years, and it's got to the point where even my three daughters can't eat all the cakes that I make!


I created Food Lady to try to reach out to people and to pass on some of these ideas. The time has come where I have more time for my passion of baking and being able to share it with a wider audience would give me (and hopefully you) much joy.